1. Product name - koumiss (fermented mare’s milk)

Storage period: 5 days

Manufacturer: “Snaip” LTD

Remaining sales period - not less that 4 days after supply.

Proposed product description - Koumiss organic made from mare’s milk (horse), used for therapeutic feeding, has beneficial effect on gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, improves the immune system, stimulates sexual potency and rejuvenates the body. Ingredients: mare’s milk, sourdough (pure cultures of lactic sticks: Bulgarian, acidophilus), milk yeast.

Caloric value - 50 kcal

Koumiss is product of alcoholic and lactic fermentation of mare’s milk influenced by special sourdough. The foamy milk color drink is obtained as a result of fermentation, refreshing, slightly heady, with sweet-sour taste. High nutritional properties can be explained by the composition of koumiss mare's milk, which is very close to the female milk, not only by the number of milk sugar, but also by qualitative characteristics of protein fat and vitamins.

Koumiss is used for chronic gastritis treatment, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic cholecystitis. It normalizes the secretory and motor stomach activity, increases peristalsis of intestines, normalizes stool, it has bactericidal effect against Escherichia coli and is recommended for reduced nutrition, anemia, diseases of the respiratory organs of non-tuberculous character. Kumiss increases vital lungs capacity, increasing the inspiratory and expiratory, reduces catarrhal symptoms of patients with non-tuberculous respiratory diseases.

Koumiss has a benefit effect on the central nervous system, hematopoiesis, improves appetite, food absorption, normalizes the secretory and motor functions of the digestive system and has a stimulating effect on the respiratory center as a whole, with a reaction that leads to resorption of inflammatory foci (in particular tuberculosis infiltrates).

Koumiss is a successful combination complex of many valuable nutrients and antibiotic substances. Presently, science has numerous data of experimental and clinical researches, that confirm the healing properties of koumiss.

Koumiss is a multivitamin drink, and vitamins, especially B-group, contribute to better tolerance of medicines. Normalizes the disturbed metabolism, improves the body's defenses not only against tuberculosis, but also other harmful agents. Koumiss, itself is well absorbed and provides a better digestibility of proteins that a food has. And increased protein diet facilitates tolerance of chemotherapy.

Most widely koumiss is used treatment of diseases of the digestive system, it has a beneficial effect on the functional status of these organs. At the same time in the literature, it was noted, that koumiss has a normalizing effect at high and at low acidity of gastric juice, being the reason for its use in peptic ulcer disease. Koumiss, being therapeutically and dietary valuable has a diverse and multifaceted effect on the body.

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