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There is no better vacation for city dweller than, which is spent on nature, away from concrete jungle. Family horse riding is a best present for your loved ones. Such type of rest will be always in trend, once tried, its almost impossible not to repeat horse riding more and more again.

One of work directions of equestrian club is to breed Vladimir draft horses. Vladimirskaya draft horses breed - cultural factory draft horse breed, which is traditionally used as an improver for local horse breeds. It looks spectacular (large, well-dressed, with lots of white markings, thick brushes, lush manes and tails). In addition, they have excellent working qualities (productive trot, good draft force), calm and friendly behaviour, and can be used both in harness and under saddle.

Other working directions of the equestrian club is to provide services on horses rent. You can take a horse riding lesson with a coach or take a ride in a forest, along the Medveditsa river bank accompanied by the instructor. For skilled horsemen - there is a riding tours for longer distance. Several horse riding tourists routes are designed. There are two routes right now for groups up to 5 person: “Gold Sands” and “Medveditsa river dam”. We organize 2-3 hours radial tours for individual customers and your children can learn riding in children’s horse riding school in equestrian club. Bashkirskaya horse breed fit excellent for horse riding tourism and children equestrian sport. This horse breed is not big, calm, sociable and easy manageable horses with interesting unusual colors - piebald, nightingale, buckskin. Such qualities of this horse breed as endurance, courage, simplicity make it irreplaceable in the long tourist marches and horse runs.

Over the past three years, our horse equestrian sports complex became winner of many gold and silver medals, diplomas of the first and second degree among its horse breeds at the All-Russian equestrian exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Yaroslavl. Our horses have received repeated titles of "Champion of breed", "Vice-champion" and "Vice absolute champion" of the exhibition. In 2007, our recreation center has won a special prize from the trading house "Peterhors" for the development of ecotourism in the exhibition "Hipposphere 2007" in St. Petersburg. In "Medveditsa" is a very interesting and exciting program, which includes a spectacular show with horse breeds and horse games.




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