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Near from village Verhnyaya Troitsa of Kashirsky district, 120km away from city of Tver is a picturesque location, surrounded by pine forest - recreation facility “Medveditsa”. It is well known for a long time, only in places of nature the air is clear and is saturated with oxygen, cristal clear water - is a perfect place for active rest right in front you. There is no need to fly by plane or spent a lot of money on hotels.

A different types of tours are offered to all holiday makers in recreation facility “Medveditsa”: tour for one day, for multiple days, for weekend. You can celebrate your anniversary, happy birthday, corporate or family events. We have a banquet hall for these purposes. You have plenty of choices depending on with whom you are accompained: you can choose VIP cottage with magnificent view on Medveditsa river or standard-cottage. A popular place to stay is a mini-hotel with joint hall with fireplace, tv, karaoke and kitchen. All rooms are comfortable and furnished with bathroom. The booking prices start from 1.500 rubles. We always plan entertainment programs, special menu and unique prices during holidays. We have quad bikes, snowmobiles, sleds and skis, bikes, boats and catamarans, badminton and table tennis, volleyball court for those who prefer active recreation.

You can interact with horses, get riding lessons from experienced coach, take riding in forest or riding excursions accompanied by instructor, take a ride in a sleigh and carriage, order a picnic, go fishing, go hunting, visit fitness room, sing karaoke with your friends or visit massage rooms. There are about 20.000ha of hunting grounds inhabited by different wild species. Professional huntsman service almost always ensures your come back with a trophy. There are heated tower for hunters on the territory of hunting grounds. There are rent service of necessary fishing tackle and fishing boats in “Medveditsa” for fishing lovers. We have pond for carp, crucian carp and trout breeding in addition to the wild river, inhabited by pike, burbot, ide etc. For riding lovers it is possible to take riding lessons or take a riding walk, accompanied by instructor. Several horse riding tourists routes are designed. There are two routes right now for groups up to 5 person: “Gold Sands” and “Medveditsa river dam”. We organize 2-3 hours radial tours for individual customers and your children can learn riding in children’s horse riding school.

A great option for evening is to ask chef to cook and serve dinner cooked from wild fowl or fish, that you caught. And after a busy day, you can relax in an authentic Russian sauna, which is located right on the bank of the river, and then relax in the your comfortable room and come up with a plan of the next day. A picturesque view like from captain's bridge on powerful flow of Medveditsa river opens from the panoramic windows of the hall on the top floor, which is outstanding at any weather and any daylight.

You will spend a wonderful time and will get plenty of positive emotions in our company.




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